10 Reasons Altec Fiberglass Bodies Can Benefit Your Business

Altec Fiberglass Bodies

When Altec was founded in 1929, our core business was body manufacturing. In our 88th year, Altec continues to build bodies, focusing on three materials: steel, aluminum and fiberglass. Altec has been manufacturing fiberglass products, including our insulating aerial booms and platforms, over the last 40 years. Fiberglass continues to stay at the forefront of our business as we strive to integrate the latest technologies and processes into the foundation of our products.

365bet足球网站Altec offers the total value of single source manufacturing and installation with complete engineering integration of the body, chassis and mounted equipment. From concept to delivery, customers can work directly with Altec in all aspects of purchasing and owning a body.

365bet足球网站With the Altec team fully behind your equipment, there are major benefits to selecting a fiberglass body. Below are 10 reasons an Altec Fiberglass Body can benefit your business or fleet.

  1. Service – 365bet足球网站The Altec Service Group footprint currently comprises 28 Altec Service Centers across the country. Additionally, there are more than 300 Altec Mobile Service Technicians who can travel to remote locations to perform maintenance and repairs. All repairs are made by Altec, completed quickly and to OEM specifications.

  2. Altec Warranty – Altec Bodies have up to a 10-year warranty.

  3. Integrated Core Material – Altec’s integrated, lightweight composite core material is manufactured with cross-linked polymer foam and fiberglass to offer superior strength, increased payload and fuel-efficiency. Altec’s fiberglass bodies are up to 45% lighter than steel, allowing for increased payload capacity while decreasing fuel consumption.

  4. Flexible Mold Design – Altec’s flexible mold design accommodates specific lengths and layouts for job specific needs.

  5. All Stainless Steel Hardware – Altec fiberglass bodies come standard with stainless steel hardware that is 100% corrosion-free.

  6. Double Panel, Hollow-Core Doors – Heavy-duty, double-panel, double bulb seal doors are secure and watertight. All door stops have zinc coated chains and mesh covers to prevent accidental paint damage. A 100% stainless steel gasket sealed latch prevents corrosion and leaks from external elements.

  7. Hook and Shelf Attachment – 365bet足球网站Altec’s hook and shelf attachment utilizes a vertical strut system allowing for continuous and easy storage adjustability within the compartment.

  8. Testing and Quality – Each Altec Body undergoes a water test controlled by PLC (Program Logic Control) which simulates actual road conditions to ensure bodies are leak-free.

  9. Fiberglass Choices – 365bet足球网站All Altec bodies are available with a choice of steel or lightweight aluminum frame material. In addition to service bodies, Altec also offers heavy duty fiberglass toppers and capsules with fully customizable aluminum interiors.

  10. Stock or Custom Built – Because of Altec’s structure and overall footprint in the industry, we have the capacity to manufacture a breadth of fiberglass products, ranging from simple stock bodies to completely custom bodies. Altec recognizes that each customer need is different, so we offer various stock units to satisfy specific job site needs. Altec can also custom build a truck to your exact specifications so you’re receiving a purpose-built body without worrying about upfitting down the road. Whatever your requirements may be for a body, Altec offers innovative solutions to assist you on the job.

To learn more about Altec Fiberglass Bodies, call 800-958-2555 or contact an Altec representative online.